Roundware is a flexible, distributed framework which collects, stores, organizes and re-presents audio content. Basically, it lets you collect audio from anyone with a smartphone or web access, upload it to a central repository along with its metadata and then filter it and play it back collectively in continuous audio streams.

With Roundware, you can:

  • collect audio from participants via iOS, Android and web-based devices
  • tag collected audio with location information as well as any additional project-based metadata such as age, gender or occupation
  • create a seamless location-sensitive layer of audio comprised of musical elements and participant commentary in any geographic space
  • organize an ever-growing collection of participant contributed audio information
  • serve individualized audio streams to users in a flexible non-linear way based on participant inputs
Roundware is an actively-developed open-source project and is free for anyone to use.  It was initially developed for sound art installations, but has since been used for innovative museum audio tours as well as other educational purposes.
Soon, Roundware will be expanded to include not only audio, but video, photos and text as well.

With the support of the Smithsonian and untold hours of work from the core Roundware development team, we are excited to announce that RW 0.2 is coming soon!

Version 0.2 has many significant advances, most importantly being built for flexibility and ease of further improvement.  Specific advances include:

  • flexible asset tagging system
  • groundwork for media-type agnosticity (ie. we are now prepared to add support for photos, video and text in addition to audio)
  • documentation (admittedly, we still need help with this, but some is better than none!)
  • offline recording capability
  • asset voting system
  • encapsulated iOS and Android frameworks
  • vastly improved javascript Web client
  • general increased stability and robustness

We do not have a firm public release date via Github on this yet, but are happy to share in advance, so please contact us if interested.

As always, if you would like to get involved in continuing this progress, let us know; we can always use the help!